How can I obtain a copy of your Annual Report, 10-K, or 10-Q?

To receive our Annual Report, 10-K or our latest 10-Q, please click here to review our filings with the SEC or view a copy of our Annual Report from the links on this page. If you prefer a physical copy of our latest Annual Report or other, please send us your mailing address by email.

What is the fiscal year for IBERIABANK Corporation?

IBERIABANK Corporation's fiscal year ends December 31

Who audits IBERIABANK Corporation?

Ernst & Young LLP

Who is the Transfer Agent for IBERIABANK Corporation?

Registrar and Transfer Company acts as IBERIABANK Corporation's Transfer Agent. Shareholder inquiries should be directed to the address provided below:
   Registrar and Transfer Company
   10 Commerce Drive Cranford, NJ 07016
(800) 368-5948 or  email 

Does IBERIABANK Corporation pay a cash dividend?

A cash dividend is paid quarterly to shareholders of record as of the last business day of the last month in the quarter calculated for the cash dividend.

Does IBERIABANK Corporation offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)?

IBERIABANK Corporation shareholders may take advantage of our Dividend Reinvestment Plan. This program provides a convenient, economical way for shareholders to increase their holdings of the Company's common stock. The shareholder pays no brokerage commissions or service charges while participating in the plan. A nominal fee is charged at the time that an individual terminates plan participation. This plan does not currently offer participants the ability to purchase additional shares with optional cash payments. To enroll in the IBERIABANK Corporation Dividend Reinvestment Plan, shareholders must have their stock certificate numbers and complete an enrollment form. A summary of the plan and enrollment forms are available from the Registrar and Transfer Company (800) 368-5948.

When is IBERIABANK Corporation's shareholder meeting and who can attend?

IBERIABANK Corporation welcomes all shareholders to its annual meeting held during early May each year. Complete meeting information is included in the company's annual proxy statement that is mailed with the annual report.

How can I listen to quarterly conference calls that discuss financial reports?

IBERIABANK holds quarterly conference calls during the mid to late part of February, April, July and October. The company provides information regarding the quarterly conference call in a press release. An audio replay of the conference call is available for one week following the call.

What are the payment dates on your Common Stock dividends?

The dates are typically on or about:
January 30
April 30
July 30
October 30

What is IBERIABANK Corporation's ticker symbol?

IBERIABANK Corporation trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market System under the symbol IBKC.

Did IBERIABANK Corporation's ticker symbol change?

Yes. Effective May 15, 2000, the ticker symbol for IBERIABANK Corporation changed to IBKC (NASDAQ). Prior to May 15, 2000 the ticker symbol was ISBF.

Did the Corporation name change?

Yes. The ISB Financial Corporation name changed to IBERIABANK Corporation on May 15, 2000. Its affiliate bank changed from Iberia Savings Bank to IBERIABANK in December 1998.

What is the CUSIP number for IBERIABANK Corporation?

The CUSIP number for the common stock is 450828108.

How can I invest in IBERIABANK Corporation?

IBERIABANK Corporation does not offer a direct stock purchase plan. If you would like to purchase shares in IBERIABANK, please contact your broker.

When was the holding company for IBERIABANK, IBERIABANK Corporation, incorporated?

November 21, 1994

When did IBERIABANK Corporation become publicly traded?

April 6, 1995

When was IBERIABANK Corporation's IPO and what was the opening price?

IBERIABANK Corporation's initial public offer was on April 6, 1995; shares of IBKC (formerly ISBF) were issued at $10.00 per share (on a split basis or $8.00 per share on a post split basis).

When did IBERIABANK Corporation split its stock?

On July 21, 2005, IBERIABANK Corporation declared a five-for-four stock split in the form of a 25% stock dividend, payable August 15, 2005 to shareholders of record as of August 1, 2005. As a result of the stock split, shareholders of record will receive one additional share for every four shares held.

When was IBERIABANK established?

IBERIABANK was first established in 1887 as Iberia Building Association.

Where is the company located?

Please visit our Locations page for a list of locations and hours.

How do I contact investor relations at IBERIABANK?

Please send us an email or visit our Contact Us page.

Who are the analysts that cover IBERIABANK?

Please visit our Analyst Coverage page for more information.

Does IBERIABANK Corporation have any subsidiaries and what are the company names?

IBERIABANK Corporation is the holding company for IBERIABANK, a Louisiana banking corporation headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana; Lenders Title Company, an Arkansas-chartered title insurance and closing services agency headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas (“Lenders Title”); IBERIA Capital Partners, LLC, a corporate finance services firm; IB Aircraft Holdings LLC, a holding company for a fractional investment in an aircraft, IBERIA Asset Management, Inc. (“IAM”), which provides wealth management and trust services to high net worth individuals, pension funds, corporations and trusts; and IBERIA CDE LLC (“CDE”), which invests in purchased tax credits.

How can I obtain copies of IBERIABANK Corporation press releases?

Please visit our Press Releases page.

How many employees currently work at IBERIABANK?

IBERIABANK has approximately 3000 employees throughout our franchise.

How can I apply for employment with IBERIABANK?

Please visit the careers section of our website to learn more about employment at IBERIABANK.